Windows 11? Microsoft looks set to release Windows 11

Rick Akura

When Microsoft set the June 24, 2021 Microsoft event date, it looked like a normal Microsoft Event until they dropped a clue about something else - it could be a Windows 11 date.


Here are some of the things we think we know about the possible Windows 11 release.


Disclaimer: We could be wrong. Keep an eye out for updates on this post.


Windows 11, what we think we know


We don’t know yet for sure if Microsoft will release Windows 11. The Microsoft team has remained tight-lipped about this course. But we must begin with what we already know.


So, here’s what we know already.


The Windows 11 Hints

Windows 11 possible logo

Windows 11 Possible Logo, from Windows Community 


Didn’t Microsoft promise that Windows 10 will be here with us forever? This has been everyone’s thought until June 2, 2021, when Microsoft released a promo video on Twitter and its other social channels.

 windows 11 release


In the promo from the Windows team, Microsoft turns the sunlight from the Windows logo into the shape of an 11. Well, give the horizontal bars from the window have been removed, it sure looks like an 11. This is a pretty strong hint at something related to 11. 


Microsoft followed up with an animated version of this image. The animation made it clear that the company intentionally ignored the horizontal bars.


Besides, apart from calling the next Windows update “the next generation of Windows” for months now, many hints suggest the Microsoft isn’t just preparing an update to its existing Windows 10 operating system. It sure looks like a new, numbered version of the operating system: Windows 11.


Microsoft’s Windows event starts at 11 AM ET. Not to speculate, but this is not the usual start time for typical Windows, Surface, or other Microsoft events. 


And Microsoft also called this update “the biggest Windows Update in a decade,” which raises the question of what exactly they are updating.


So, is it Windows 11? That’s something we’re keeping an eye out for. 


The Windows 11 release date


June 24, 2021, was a Microsoft Event date. This is also the day we expected the release of the “Next generation of Windows” Windows update. 


Microsoft’s Windows event starts at 11 AM ET. Not to speculate, but this is not the usual start time for typical Windows, Surface, or other Microsoft events. 


Even Microsoft exec Yusuf Mehdi is excited for this day as he said he “hasn’t been this excited for a new version of Windows since Windows 95!” 


Notice something? This is the first time we heard Microsoft specifically mention a “new version” (of Windows) being on the way. In addition, the event is at 11 AM, which is even more hint on a possible Windows 11.


What to expect from Windows 11 Operating System


Given that it looks like we’re about to get a major new Windows release, we must also expect some features that Microsoft must deliver in Windows 11. 

 Windows 11 expected UI Revamp

Big UI changes are coming to Windows | Picture by, the Verge


If Microsoft is ready to move beyond Windows 10 into Windows 11, we expect to see big visual and functionality changes. 


Why do we say this?


In recent months, Microsoft has been working on something they codenamed “Sun Valley.” the company has referred to this project as a “sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows.”


Many of the visual changes we expect will possibly come from the work Microsoft completed on Windows 10X. Microsoft worked on the Windows 10X lightweight version of Windows, Which was intended to rival Chrome OS. But they scrapped it away before launch. 


Some of the improvements that we expect will include:


  • A new Start menu.

  • New system icons.

  • File Explorer improvements.

  • End of Windows 95-era icons. 

  • Rounded corners.

  • Updates to the built-in Windows apps.

Unlike the Windows 10 21H1 May release, we also expect the Sun Valley update to  include some exciting new features such as:

  • DNS-over-HTTPS support.

  • Revamped battery settings.

  • A modern disk management utility.

  • Better GPU performance settings.

Above all, on the June 24, 2021, Windows Update seems to be going for both a major Windows IU overhaul and beyond.


Microsoft’s Windows 10 UI overhaul continues

Microsoft had already started modernizing some of Windows 10’s basic parts. It started by improving the system icons in the operating system in a system design that Microsoft called the Fluent Design style.


The new icons are more rounded and have a simplified look.


Already, Microsoft has updated its taskbar with the new icons. They show how even basic icon changes can change and modernize even the smallest parts of Windows.


Microsoft seems ready to address many Windows lingering problems. The company appears to have planned fixes to rearrange apps issues on multiple monitors, launch the Xbox Auto HDR feature on your PC, improved automatic Windows backup and improve the Bluetooth audio support.


Final word


Naturally, we won’t know for sure if Microsoft will release Windows 11 until Microsoft formally announces the release or update. Regardless of whether it is a new Windows version named Windows 11 or if it’s a major update of Windows 10, we are simply looking at a big Windows Update coming this fall.